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Jacob Cohen luxury jeans

Are you familiar with the qualitative Jacob Cohen's jeans? These are not just jeans! The Italian clothing designer focuses on the more expensive segment of jeans, pants and shirts. This fashionable designer apparel is beautiful, luxurious and comfortable and recognizable by the original Brandlabel in camel and red and of course the special brand bag.

Jacob Cohen: tailor and designer 

Jacob Cohen fashion refers to the Jewish tailor and tailor, who only became 50 years old, who has inspired them. His designs and styles in denim fashion are timeless and artistic and made the brand Jacob Cohen huge. Tapestries with a huge amount of creativity. The garments are made of the most beautiful fabrics and do not lose their value even if they are actually worn out.

Jacob Cohen jeans fits slim!

Jeans models of top brand jacob Cohen have an elegant look and fit very slim. Due to the Kurabo stretch fabric, imported especially from Japan, the clothes are also extra comfortable. Note the details, the precious silver plated buttons and the stitching along the seams, often done in a striking color. The details are perfectly finished and usually done manually on tailoring. The design is eye-catching and meets all qualifications for top quality fashion. Jeans to be proud of!

Jacob Cohen goes for luxury and beauty

Durable clothing that is timeless and always beautiful are a grateful investment. This top brand has understood that and really enjoy themselfs from any beautiful denim trousers that's off. Since the beginning of the Jacob Cohen brand, only high-quality polo's, jeans, bermuda's and other apparel and accessories appear. Each unique copy has a silver logo on the label. Who does not really want such a beautiful jeans?

SARTORIAL WONDERS We've said it befor and we say it again. Easy tailoring is here to stay. From the easy tailored look to
Italian jeans brand Jacob Cohën founded in 1985 is owned by Tato Bardelle, son of founder Nicola Bardelle. We offer in our
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