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Jacob Cohen Jeans

Are you already familiar with our exclusive Jacob Cohen jeans at Vousten? These are not just any jeans! The Italian clothing designer focuses on the more expensive segment of jeans, chinos, shorts, and sweaters. These fashionable designer clothes are beautiful, luxurious, comfortable, and recognizable by the original patch (fashion label) made of horse leather. They come in a wide range of colors and graphic designs. 


About the Jacob Cohen brand

Jacob Cohen fashion refers to the tailor and tailor from the northern Italian Veneto, who lived to be only 50 years old. However, his designs and style in denim fashion are timeless and artistic. They have made the Italian brand great. In short, craftsmanship with an enormous amount of creativity. 

The Jacob Cohen brand itself was launched in 1985 by Tato Bardelle and quickly acquired a solid position within the quality fashion industry. Eventually, Tato's son, Nicola Bardelle, saw to it that the brand became available in several boutiques worldwide. His vision was to design a product suitable for both informal and formal settings. 

For many years Jacob Cohen has chosen an environmentally friendly production process using a Greek pumice stone with as few chemicals as possible. This special washing process in combination with excellent quality fabrics ensures Jacob Cohen a long life of the pants.


What makes Jacob Cohen jeans unique?

Jacob Cohen jeans are made through Italian craftsmanship and smart handicraft in the town of Veneto in Italy. The brand uses the best materials such as the fabrics Loro Piano, Japanese Kubaro, or Mamarato. The use of elastane in the pants makes Jacob Cohen jeans very comfortable. Besides this high-quality fabric, many details make the Jacob Cohen jeans unique. For example, most editions feature silver, carbon, or steel buttons. For the steel buttons, the same steel that is used for Rolex watches is used. Each pair of jeans has a unique patch made from horse leather. In addition, all Jacob Cohen jeans come with an exclusive branded handkerchief and spool of thread. And some editions even include a small bottle of perfume. 


Jacob Cohen jeans collection

When the brand was founded in 1985, it initially produced only jeans and other clothing for men. More jeans lines followed. Jacob Cohen 620 jeans with a regular fit, the 622 jeans with a slim fit and a lower waist. Or the 622 slim with the same thigh width, but narrower from the knee down. You can also choose the tailored fit. These Jacob Cohen 688 jeans with a normal waist height have more space at the thighs. 

When Nicola, Tito's son, got more say in the brand the line was expanded to include Jacob Cohen women's fashion. In addition to Jacob Cohen men's jeans, Jacob Cohen also has Jacob Cohen women's jeans


Jacob Cohen product range

Jacob Cohen is known for its stylish designs that are timeless. Besides the famous jeans, Jacob Cohen has more clothing. At Vousten you will always find the perfect combination for a nice outfit. For instance, you can combine a nice Jacob Cohen bobby chino with a Jacob Cohen polo shirt / T-shirt. Or go for the formal as well as informal look and combine Jacob Cohen jeans with a white shirt. During the fresher days, you can also choose a nice warm Jacob Cohen sweater. The combinations at Vousten are endless!


Discover the largest Jacob Cohen jeans collection at Vousten

Pay attention to details in our online shop. The precious silver-plated buttons and the stitching along the seams are often executed in a striking color. These details are perfectly finished and executed by hand in a tailor's style. Of a number of models, you will find in our quality collection a Jacob Cohen Limited Edition. The design is eye-catching and meets all qualifications for top-quality fashion. A pair of pants to be proud of! Do not wait until the sale, because durable garments that remain timeless and always beautiful are a rewarding investment. Jacob Cohen has understood this and is proud of every new pair of denim pants finished again. Who wouldn't want a pair of jeans as nice as this

Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 Y99 (38616)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3621 698D (38565)
€ 410,00
Jacob Cohen J622 (nick) LIMITED 3619 737D (38598)
€ 675,00
Jacob Cohen J688 (Bard) LIMITED 3872 703D (38596)
€ 699,95
Jacob Cohen J688 Bard Limited 3872 705D (38597)
€ 730,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3621 704D (38611)
€ 390,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 D13 (38613)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 X31 (38615)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 A00 (38612)
€ 315,00
€ 225,00
€ 225,00
€ 225,00

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