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Jacob Cohen Sweaters


Jacob Cohen sweater

A Jacob Cohen sweater is a sweater of high quality 100% cotton, with a good not too tight fit and a normal round neck. Unlike the Jacob Cohen polo, for example, no elastane is used in the sweaters because of the fit. The more elastane in a garment, the more stretchy the clothing is. Because the polos have a slim fit, elastane is perfect for this.

Different colors Jacob Cohen sweaters

The Jacob Cohen sweaters are not easily available everywhere. Thanks to our short lines with Jacob Cohen, we always have sweaters in stock. As with all other Jacob Cohen clothing, the sweaters are also made by hand in the Italian town of Adria, in the north of Italy. In addition to the most common, dark colors such as dark green, dark blue and black, we also offer the colors ivory white and normal white. All sweaters are subtly incorporated with the Jacob Cohen logo, with the stripe above the O having a striking color.

The story behind Jacob Cohen

As you have just read, all clothing is made by hand in the factory in the historic town of Adria. Adria is located in the province of Veneto in the north of Italy, with Venice being by far the most famous city. The name of the brand derives from an old Veneto tailor of the same name. Not much is known about the man the brand takes its name from. Except that he was a tailor and died at an early age. The brand itself was founded in 1985 and the tailor Jacob Cohen had already died by then.

Founded by Tito Bardelle

In 1985 Tito Bardelle founded the brand in Padova, near Adria, where the brand is now located. His goal was to produce high quality luxury clothing with Italian craftsmanship. For a long time, the brand remained relatively unknown to the general public. This changed when son Nicola became more involved in the brand in 2003. Thanks to him, the brand flourished, gained more name recognition and was sold in clothing stores around the world.

For a long time, attention was only paid to the now world-famous Jacob Cohen trousers. This also changed thanks to Nicola. Successively, Jacob Cohen shirts, Jacob Cohen shorts, Jacob Cohen belts, Jacob Cohen shoes, Jacob Cohen sweaters and Jacob Cohen women's clothing were added to the range.

Jacob Cohën sweater green 1521 7T86 (36305)
€ 335,00
Jacob Cohën sweater grey 4374 B411 (36296)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohën sweater black 4374 C74 (36297)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohën sweater dark blue (36303)
€ 390,00
Jacob Cohën sweater dark green (36301)
€ 400,00
Jacob Cohën sweater dark grey (36300)
€ 400,00
 Jacob Cohën sweater donkerblauw (36302)
€ 400,00
Jacob Cohën sweater (35604)
€ 309,00
Jacob Cohen Hoodie crème (35601)
€ 399,00
Jacob Cohën sweater dark blue (35606)
€ 309,00
Jacob Cohën sweater black (35603)
€ 309,00
Jacob Cohën sweater white (35607)
€ 275,00

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