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Jacob Cohen 622 Slim (Nick)

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Jacob Cohen slim 622

This 622 line is like all our other Jacob Cohen jeans models, durable and made of the very best denim. These timeless pants are very comfortable and of exceptional quality. Jacob Cohen slim jeans are a good investment that will last you for years!

The fit of a Jacob Cohen Nick slim

The 622 slim is known as a modern hipster stretch jeans. In comparison with the 622 jeans, Jacob Cohen skinny jeans are a lot narrower. The upper leg width is the same, but from the knee, the pant leg becomes a bit narrower. Because of the fine stretch fabric of the trouser legs, the jeans are nicely fitted on both the upper and lower legs. The jeans are fitted around the calves and the foot width is 1cm narrower than the 622 jeans. 

The waist of this Jacob Cohen slim fit is low. This beautiful low waist height makes the 622 slim jeans look hip and young. It is a beautiful pair of slim-fit jeans made of a very good quality fabric that feels incredibly soft on the skin. 

Kinds of washings 622 slim jeans

Washes make jeans unique due to the intentional details and wear in jeans. The Nick slim jeans by Jacob Cohen men come in several piles of washing. There are light washes and darker washes. These colors range from white to (light) blue, gray and black! Unlike other brands, Jacob Cohen does not use chemicals for the washing of pants but natural dyes. Jacob Cohen has an environmentally friendly alternative for this, namely the Greek pumice stone. The result of this method is that Jacob Cohen men's jeans, like these Nick 622 slim jeans, last much longer and stay in place.

Jacob Cohen 622 slim at Vousten

Stop by our Vousten store and try on these Jacob Cohen 622 slim jeans. What makes Vousten unique is that the store always has all sizes of jeans in stock. Nothing more annoying than the desired size that is not in stock. Do you prefer a slightly wider fit than this 622 slim? Take a look at our Jacob Cohen 622 jeans, 620 jeans or 688 jeans

In the store, we can advise and help you find the size that suits you perfectly. Do the 622 slim jeans not seem to fit your body? Then we can assist you in finding a pair of jeans that not only fits your body comfortably but also fits your figure well and looks beautiful!

Jacob Cohen J622 (nick) LIMITED 3619 737D (38598)
€ 675,00
Jacob Cohen J622 (Nick Slim) LIMITED 3872 705D (38600)
€ 730,00
Jacob Cohen (622 Nick Slim) 3621 698D (38585)
€ 410,00
Jacob Cohen J622 (Nick Slim) 3756 A00 (38587)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohen (622 Nick Slim) Special 4063 675D (38602)
€ 579,95
Jacob Cohen (622 Nick Slim) 2991 672D (38584)
€ 445,00
Jacob Cohen (J622 Nick Slim) 2851 724D (38583)
€ 400,00
Jacob Cohen J622 (Nick Slim) 3756 X81 (38590)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) 3621 704D (38586)
€ 435,00
Jacob Cohen J622 (Nick Slim) LIMITED 3872 703D (38599)
€ 699,95
Jacob Cohen J622 (Nick Slim) 3756 B13 (38588)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohen J622 (Nick Slim) 3621 696D (38580)
€ 390,00

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