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Jacob Cohen 620 Jeans (Eduard)

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Jacob Cohen 620 Jeans

The Jacob Cohen 620 model is a regular fit denim jeans. Compared to the other models, this Jacob Cohen 620 line has a wider leg. Both at the top and bottom, these jeans have more room for the legs. In addition, the regular fit is a bit lower at the waist than the average Jacob Cohen jeans. This line is characterized by its excellent quality fabric. Jacob Cohen 620 jeans are made of the best quality denim fabrics in the world! 


The fashion label Jacob Cohen is known for its higher segment clothing and this is reflected in these 620 jeans. Ever since the beginning of the brand, the Jacob Cohen 620 jeans are still passionately handcrafted every day in the same region where it all started: Vèneto in the north of Italy.

The history of Jacob Cohen and the 620 jeans line

Jacob Cohen, a fashion label with its own story. In 1985 the brand was founded by Tato Bardelli who, as a tribute, named his brand label after Jacob Cohen who had already passed away at the time. Jacob Cohen was an inspiring tailor who was known for his artful and timeless designs. In 2003, Nicola Bardelle, Tato's son, took over. This created a completely new clothing line with fresh looks including the Jacob Cohen 620 jeans line. Nicola then ensured an international expansion to multiple outlets across more than 40 countries.


In 2012, the sudden news of Nicola Bardelle's death dealt the company quite a blow. Because of the great involvement, his wife Jennifer took over the company from him. With the help of her creative mind and with the ideals of her husband in mind, the company could be continued with passion again. To this day, just like all other jeans lines of Jacob Cohen, the 620 jeans line is still popular among men.

Jacob Cohen J620 and a wide range of products

Vousten has a wide range of jeans. Besides the popular Jacob Cohen 622 jeans we also have jeans models with a different fit. Examples are the popular Jacob Cohen 622 and the Jacob Cohen 688. Elegant pants with a very slim fit! A perfect-fitting jeans for everybody. In addition to men's jeans, the brand has also offered Jacob Cohen women's jeans since 2004. From then on the chic Jacob Cohen pants are also available for women. Would you like to combine a nice pair of Jacob Cohen 620 jeans with a matching pair of outerwear? Then take a look at our Jacob Cohen polos and T-shirts or sweaters. 

Jacob Cohen 620 jeans at Vousten

Vousten is a clothing store located in Schijndel and is a global player. In our store you can try on the 620 jeans, and we can give you good advice. If the 620 jeans do not fit you well, we always have another line of pants that will fit you perfectly. Vousten sells clothing in the higher segment and has great collaborations with parties such as Santoni and Stone Island. Because of these valuable collaborations we always have a large assortment. Check out our full range online or come to our store in Schijndel and try on these beautiful Jacob Cohen 620 jeans. Vousten will give you an unforgettable experience.

Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 3621 698D (38576)
€ 410,00
Jacob Cohën J620 (Eduard) 3621 704D (38577)
€ 435,00
Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 3621 696D (38575)
€ 390,00
Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 3582 554D (38578)
€ 380,00
Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 3623 717 D (38579)
€ 410,00
Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 4071 597D (37932)
€ 370,00
Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 4075 577D (37948)
€ 555,00
Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 3598 001D (37931)
€ 360,00
Jacob Cohen J620 (eduard) limited 3619 405D (37588)
€ 620,00
Jacob Cohen (620 Eduard) 3618 500D (37272)
€ 375,00
Jacob Cohen J620 (Eduard) 3585 401D (37271)
€ 415,00
Jacob Cohen J620 Eduard Limited 3619 405D (36977)
€ 620,00

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