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Jacob Cohen Chinos


Jacob Cohen Chino at Vousten

Jacob Cohen trousers are known for their elegant look and comfort. The chinos are easy to combine for every occasion. Just as with the jeans of Jacob Cohen that can be recognized by the silver plated buttons, the patch on the back and the exclusive branded handkerchief, the Jacob Cohen Chinos have this too. In a few cases, instead of silver plated buttons, beautiful matching mélange buttons are chosen. With the branded handkerchief provided, you can occasionally polish the silver-plated buttons or use them as a pochet. The patch of the trousers is recognizable by its material: horsehair. The color of the label may vary for each trouser. Furthermore, just like all Jacob Cohen jeans, the chinos are perfumed so that the trousers will keep smelling delicious for a long time.


Handmade Jacob Cohen Chinos are of exceptional quality and have a slightly more formal look than the Jacob Cohen jeans. Because of the thin cotton this chino is perfect for the summer days. Nice to combine with a matching top from the Jacob Cohen polo and T-shirt collection at Vousten.

Cohen Chinos in different fits, washes and colors.

The Jacob Cohen chinos are semi-casual trousers with a fine stretch and thin cotton. This makes the trousers very comfortable for any occasion. Besides that the Chinos have a slim-fit with a normal waist height and a foot width of 18 cm. There are 2 models of Cohen's Chinos. One is the J613. This is a slim cut pant model and has slit pockets on the front and five-pockets on the back. Besides the J613 chinos, we have our favorite: Jacob Cohen Bobby. This pant has slit pockets on the front and piped pockets on the back. 


Jacob Cohen is known for their wide range of cuts, washes and colors. The Jacob Cohen Chinos are available in different colors from light to dark washings. We have a nice white Bobby Chino, but you can also go for the sand color if white is a bit too light. Do you prefer a darker wash? Take a look at our elegant grey and blue Bobby Chinos from Jacob Cohen. In  case you go for modern, choose the green Bobby Chino!

How Jacob Cohen Chino’s fit?

Although Italian clothing is normally smaller due to the fact that Italian men and women are generally slimmer, this is not the case with Jacob Cohen clothing. All Jacob Cohen trousers, including the chinos, have a normal European fit and are available in trouser sizes. This means that Jacob Cohen men's trousers are available from size 28 up to size 40. For Jacob Cohen women jeans sizes start at 25.

How to maintain a Jacob Cohen Chino

If you want to keep Jacob Cohen clothing, including your Jacob Cohen Chino, as beautiful and good as possible you have to maintain it well. But how do you maintain your Jacob Cohen trousers? The best thing to do is to wash your Jacob Cohen trousers as little as possible. It is better to steam them. You can do this by hanging your trousers in the bathroom and turning on the shower. If you still decide to wash the trousers, it is important that you follow the washing instructions. Every Jacob Cohen garment has a washing code. 


In general the rule is: wash inside out, use little detergent, do not spin and avoid tumble dryers and drying in direct sunlight. To keep the material of the trousers intact it is better to dry your Jacob Cohen Chino on a flat surface. If you wash your Jacob Cohen Chino less, your trousers will not easily become faded and out of shape. This also applies to the Jacob Cohen women's jeans and all other clothes from Jacob Cohen.

Jacob Cohen bobby 3651 C35 (37914)
€ 345,00
Jacob Cohen bobby 3651 Y99 (37915)
€ 345,00
Jacob Cohen (622 Nick) 3651 Y99 (37910)
€ 325,00
Jacob Cohen (622 Nick) 3651 B75 (37909)
€ 325,00
Jacob Cohen (622 Nick) 3651 C35 (37941)
€ 325,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3651 B75 (37901)
€ 325,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3651 C35 (37902)
€ 325,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3651 Y99 (37903)
€ 325,00
Jacob Cohen (688 Bard) 3848 A00 (37918) off white
€ 370,00
Jacob Cohen bobby sand 3651 B75 (37913)
€ 345,00
Jacob Cohen bobby 3756 B13 (37247)
€ 335,00
Jacob Cohen bobby 3756 b30 (37248)
€ 335,00

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