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Jacob Cohen 688 Jeans (Bard)

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Jacob Cohen 688 jeans

The Jacob Cohen 688 jeans line is a line of jeans made of very high-quality denim. While the brand is known for its luxury clothing, the jeans of Jacob Cohen are its flagship where it all began. All Jacob Cohen clothing is still handmade in the same region where it all began, Veneto. 

It all started when Tato Bardelle, the founder of the brand, could not find a suitable pair of jeans that were comfortable and that he could wear in a formal setting. For this reason, he set out to find the perfect pair of jeans. After thorough research, Bardelle ended up with Japanese Kurabo denim. A denim fabric that contains a certain stretch technique. By using this fabric the Jacob Cohen jeans are not only elegant but also very comfortable. The use of this high-quality fabric together with a special washing process with Greek pumice gives the product a good lifetime.


The history of Jacob Cohen 688 jeans

Jacob Cohen was the name of an Italian tailor from the Veneto region. The region is known for the world-famous city of Venice. Contrary to what anyone would expect, Jacob Cohen was not the founder of the brand. The founder is Tato Bardelle who gave the name to his brand as a tribute to the tailor who had already passed away at the time. The tailor was known for his timeless and artistic designs. Besides that he passed away around the age of 50, not much is known about Jacob Cohen. Tato's Son, Nicola Bardelle, took over from his father in 2003. This benefited the brand as, thanks to Nicola's creative entrepreneurial brain, the brand is now available in over 40 countries around the world.

When Nicola Bardelle passed away suddenly in 2012, the company took a big hit. Nicola's wife Jennifer had been strongly associated with the company from the beginning. And so she took the hoist as creative director to her and continued to work on her husband Nicola's ideals. Since Nicola took over from his father, there was already some creation for ladies, but the full Jacob Cohen ladies line is still quite young. The Jacob Cohen women's clothing follows the ideals of the company or elegance and comfort characterize the line. Nestor behind the release of Jacob Cohen women's jeans is Nicola's wife, Jennifer Tomassi.


The Jacob Cohen 688 jeans collection

Vousten has a wide range of Jacob Cohen 688 jeans. The J688 has a slim-fit model. Compared to the 620 jeans, the 688 jeans have a higher waist and have more room for the thighs. The 688 jeans all have different washes and edits, making every pair of jeans unique. Our 688 jeans range goes from light and dark blue jeans to grey and black jeans. 


Jacob Cohen 688 jeans at Vousten

Vousten is an internationally operating (online) clothing store that sells clothing in the higher segment. With short lines and valuable partnerships, such as an official partnership with Santoni and Stone Island, Vousten always has a large and complete assortment.

Jacob Cohen (688 Bard) 3756 A00 (38567)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3618 770D (38562)
€ 380,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3756 X81 (38570)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) 3621 704D (38566)
€ 435,00
Jacob Cohen J688 (bard) LIMITED 3619 737D (38595)
€ 675,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3618 746D (38561)
€ 390,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3735 747D (38574)
€ 400,00
Jacob Cohen (688 Bard) 3623 716D (38572)
€ 380,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3621 696 D (38564)
€ 390,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3756 B13 (38568)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3623 717 D (38573)
€ 410,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3756 D31 (38569)
€ 365,00

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