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Jacob Cohen Shorts


Jacob Cohen Shorts by Vousten

Jacob Cohen shorts are exclusive shorts of high quality denim. The brand is known for its luxury clothing, especially the iconic Jacob Cohen jeans known by many people. All Jacob Cohen clothing are made by hand in Italy, including the shorts.
Founder Tito Bardelli could not find suitable jeans that he could wear for formal moments and feel comfortably at the same time. For that reason he went looking for the ideal jeans for him; fashionable, comfortable and a luxurious look. Bardelli ended up with Kurabo denim from Japan. This is a fabric that uses denim stretch. This makes the Jacob Cohen shorts and jeans comfortable because the fabric adapts to the body. Ultimately, this resulted in a collection of 20 different types of denim with different colors and 'washing'.

The birth of Jacob Cohen

As you can probably guess, the name of the brand refers to a person. Jacob Cohen, the name giver of the brand, was an Italian tailor from the Veneto region. Best known place in this region is Venice. The brand was not founded by Jacob Cohen himself, but by Tito Bardelli in 1985, when Jacob Cohen had already died. Son Nicola Bardelli took over from his father Tito in 2003 which resulted in a massive grow. Thanks to Nicola's creative entrepreneurial brain, the brand is now available in more than 40 countries around the world.
In 2012, the Jacob Cohen brand was initially hit hard when owner Nicola died suddenly. His wife Jennifer, who had been with the company from the beginning, took on the duties of creative director and built on the ideals of her husband Nicola.

Jacob Cohen ladies

Only a few years ago, Jacob Cohen also released a women's line. The Jacob Cohen women's clothing is characterized by the elegant appearance and comfortable fit. Nestor behind the release of Jacob Cohen clothing for women is Nicola's wife, Jennifer Tomassi.

Jacob Cohen at Vousten Jeans

Vousten is an internationally operating (online) clothing store that sells clothing in the higher segment. With short lines and valuable partnerships, such as an official partnership with Santoni and Stone Island, Vousten always has a large and complete range.
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3621 698D (38610)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 D31 (38614)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 Y99 (37245)
€ 279,95
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 B30 (37244)
€ 279,95
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 B13 (37243)
€ 279,95
Jacob Cohen short zand (37242)
€ 279,95
Jacob Cohen short jeans S 3621 334D (37241)
€ 319,00
Jacob Cohen Short blue grey  (35625)
€ 250,00
Jacob Cohen Short Crème (35623)
€ 250,00
Jacob Cohen Short Blue (35628)
€ 335,00
Jacob Cohen Short Donkerblauw (33986)
€ 250,00
Jacob Cohen Short Jeans Dark blue (35629)
€ 355,00

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