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Jacob Cohen Women's Jeans


Jacob Cohen womens jeans

Besides the large men's collection Vousten also offers a great selection of Jacob Cohen womens jeans. Not familiar with the womens jeans line? Tato Bardelle, the founder of the Jacob Cohen brand, started his brand initially for men. When Tato's son Nicola took over the most of his fathers brand in 2003. In 2004 he decided to expand to womens fashion. Ever since the luxurious, high quality hand made jeans are also accesible for women. At Vousten we offer you a large collection of the high quality jeans. 

The Jacob Cohen brand

In 1985 Tato Bardelle launched the Jacob Cohen brand, and quickly the claimed their spot in the luxury denim sector. Ultimately the brand was made available in many boutiques worldwide by Tato's son, Nicola Bardelle. Nicola's vision was to design a product that's suitable for both casual and formal settings.

Tato got originally inspired by the tailor from the northern Itialian city Veneto, a true artist whose designs are timeless and artistic.

Because of the absence of aggressive chemicals and the use of natural dyes, the Jacob Cohen collection is friendly to his and his customers enviroment. That in combination with the Italian craftsmanship and intelligent handicraft is what makes Jacob Cohen stand out.

Handmade Jacob Cohen womens jeans

At Vousten you'll find the largest collection of handmade Jacob Cohen womens jeans. Quallity is what comes first with Jacob Cohen. All of their jeans are handmade in Italy. Because of the high quality the jeans won't lose much of their value. You'll find prove of Jacob Cohen's love for detail at the Jacob Cohen Kisha Flare because if you order the jeans you'll receive a matching scarf.

Jacob Cohën Kimberley slim (34365)
€ 285,00
Jacob Cohën Kimberley slim (34364)
€ 265,00
Jacob Cohen Kimberly slim (34305)
€ 299,95
Jacob Cohen Kimberly Slim (33570)
€ 299,95
Jacob Cohen Kimberly Slim (32265)
€ 289,00
Jacob Cohen Kimberly Slim (32266)
€ 270,00
Jacob Cohen Kimberly Slim (32267)
€ 265,00
Jacob Cohen Kisha Flare (26816)
€ 299,95
€ 269,96
Jacob Cohën Kimberley slim (34366)
€ 280,00

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