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Belts are fashion accessories that are practical and functional for keeping pants perfectly in place. In addition, a belt is an accessory that can be used to complete your outfit. Belts are available in all sorts of designs, styles, and colors, making them an eye-catcher as well. At Vousten you have a choice of, among other things, men's belts in a wide range of quality brands. For example, it is possible to order a Jacob Cohen belt or to purchase a Brunello belt or a Croco belt.

Jacob Cohen belt

Jacob Cohen is a quality brand from Italy known for its handmade items. We provide a diverse range of Jacob Cohen fashion which includes the famous jeans just like the famous sneakers. If you are wearing a pair of Jacob Cohen men's jeans then a men's belt from the same brand will of course go perfectly with it. Jacob Cohen belts can be worn with any type of pants to look stylish. The materials, such as leather, are of absolute top quality and the luxurious elegance radiates from them. The advantage is that these belts can be worn on formal occasions as well as in casual situations. 

Brunello belt

There are all kinds of men's belts available from us. You will succeed with us if you are looking for a Brunello belt. These belts are made with a unique braided design with a belt width of 2 cm. When ordering a Brunello belt, just like when buying a Croco belt or Jacob Cohen belt, it is important to pay attention to the belt size. Brunello belts are available in a variety of belt sizes from 85 cm to 115 cm. These belts for men are of perfect quality and handmade from buffalo leather. The buckle has a particularly stylish design and exclusive details have been applied. You can choose from different colors, such as blue, black or brown.

Men's belt size: belt size and length

When determining the belt size, it is important to know that there is a distinction between the total length and the belt size. The belt size refers to the original belt size, which involves measuring the size from the buckle to the third belt hole. Usually, the overlap or the difference between the actual length and the belt size is 15 cm. This overlap allows the belt to close in the first, second, or third hole. When ordering you select the belt size.

Measuring belt size

When measuring a belt size to buy a Jacob Cohen belt, Brunello belt, or Croco belt, all you need is a tape measure. You measure the circumference of your body where you normally wear the belt. Pull the tape measure tight to determine the belt size as accurately as possible. Below is the belt size that goes with the particular circumference:

  • Circumference 87-92 cm: Belt size 85 cm 
  • Circumference 92-97 cm: belt size 90 cm
  • Circumference 97-102 cm: belt size 95 cm
  • Circumference 102-107 cm: belt size 100 cm
  • Circumference 107-112 cm: belt size 105 cm
  • Circumference 112-117 cm: belt size 110 cm
  • Circumference 117-122 cm: belt size 115 cm

Ordering belts online

We like to provide you with maximum convenience when ordering a belt online, such as a Jacob Cohen belt, Brunello belt, or Croco belt. Place your order before 17:30 hours and we will ship your belt the same day. You will receive the order in the Netherlands usually the next day. Incidentally, we also deliver orders abroad. We have a large collection of men's belts in stock so a quick delivery of your order is guaranteed. 

Brunello belt soft blue  (35113)
€ 289,95
Brunello belt soft nero (35112)
€ 289,95
Brunello belt soft brown (35111)
€ 289,95
D'Amico croco sahara (35079)
€ 445,00
D'Amico croco espresso brown (35078)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Bordeaux (29223)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Cognac (20233)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Red (28991)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco dark brown (28992)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Green (20229)
€ 445,00
D'amico Croco Light Blue (20228)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Black (19933)
€ 445,00

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