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Jacob Cohen Perfume


Jacob Cohen perfume

Jacob Cohen is known as a premium Italian label that fits perfectly within the style of Vousten. Therefore, in addition to the popular jeans, we have included other items from this brand in our range. You also can order Jacob Cohen perfume with us. This is the unique Jacob Cohen fragrance, which everyone who knows the brand instantly recognizes. In the range of Jacob Cohen perfume, there are several options available. For example, you have the option to order Jacob Cohen jeans perfume as a textile perfume, but also to buy a luxury home spray or opt for the fragrance sticks.

Jacob Cohen perfume jeans

Jacob Cohen perfume for jeans or performed as textile perfume is available in several variants. Cohen perfume can be used to subtly spray on jeans. This brings back the authentic and well-known Jacob Cohen fragrance. Incidentally, this perfume is not limited to jeans of this brand. Other jeans or items in your wardrobe can also be provided with the typical fragrance. 

The Luxe Denim Perfume Spray 100 ml provides a special aroma that is based on sandalwood and has floral fragrance notes. Jacob Cohen's men's jeans carry this scent, which is why its perfume is so recognizable. After several washes, the scent disappears, but it can be reapplied with Jacob Cohen perfume for jeans. There is also a small version available of textile perfume with a content of 10 ml in a sturdy designer bottle.

Jacob Cohen luxury home spray

The smell of floral tones and sandalwood is reflected in the different types of Jacob Cohen perfumes. For example, there is also a special Luxe Home Spray developed to make it fragrant in the home or office. In this way, it is possible to make the special and recognizable brand fragrance a natural part of your interior. It is a house perfume that can be ordered with a content of 100 ml. 

The quality of the perfume scent is as high as that of the legendary jeans. The fragrance experience is as optimal as the wearing comfort of this Italian brand. The room spray contributes to your interior with a sensory pleasant experience to give. When the smell is no longer perceptible, spray again with the luxury home spray from Jacob Cohen in the interior.

Jacob Cohen fragrance sticks

In addition to the Jacob Cohen perfume in spray form for jeans and the interior, our assortment includes a range of fragrance sticks. The Jacob Cohen fragrance sticks are an asset to your interior and give off a wonderful scent. The high-quality sticks in combination with the perfume provide months of fantastic fragrance in your home. The glass perfume jar forms the basis for this and you only need to remove the sticks from the packaging and put them in the jar. 

The scented sticks absorb the scent of perfume and spread it throughout the interior. To make this process as optimal as possible, it is recommended to spread the fragrance sticks in the right way in the glass jar. This is possible by preventing the fragrance sticks of Jacob Cohen perfume from colliding with each other. It is also recommended that the fragrance sticks are not placed in a place where the sun shines brightly or where there is a lot of drafts. In this way, the sticks last much longer, because they dry out less quickly. If after a while you perceive less fragrance spread it is possible to rotate the fragrance sticks. There will then be a renewed fragrance activity.

Jacob Cohen Luxury Home Spray
€ 119,00
Fragrance Sticks Jacob Cohen
€ 149,00

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