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Andrea D'Amico croco belts

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The short history of Andrea D'Amico

The history of this luxury accessory brand starts in Italy with co-founder Andrea D'Amico. Since its foundation in 1991, he changed this Italian fashion brand into an international player. This is partly thanks to Fiammetta Martelli, with whom he started a successful collaboration in 1996. Their knowledge and experience in the more luxurious men's clothing is reflected in the style and product choices they make. Visible craftsmanship and impressive creativity is their trademark.

Production process of D'Amico belts

The term handmade has a deeper meaning for Andrea D'Amico. At D'Amico, it stands for striving for the highest quality leather treatment. Such production process would be mechanically impossible. In addition to their own webshop and showroom in Milan, D'Amico has selected international partners to increase their brand awareness and success. Vousten Jeans is a major official partner of the Italian brand Andrea D'Amico.

D'Amico range of croco belts

Modern men love luxury accessories such as Andrea D'Amico's croco belts. The use of crocodile leather is unconventional but typical of D'Amico's bold style. Such croco belts are available at our store in a length of 115/130 cm and with a belt width of 3.5 cm. Every D'Amico croco belt is made from a crocodile tail and has a quick release buckle. After purchase we can customize your belt.

D'Amico croco sahara (35079)
€ 445,00
D'Amico croco espresso brown (35078)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Bordeaux (29223)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Cognac (20233)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Red (28991)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco dark brown (28992)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Green (20229)
€ 445,00
D'amico Croco Light Blue (20228)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Black (19933)
€ 445,00
D'Amico Croco Grey (20232)
€ 445,00
D' Amico croco tobacco (35077)
€ 445,00
D'Amico croco dark blue (35076)
€ 445,00

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