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Jacob Cohen Limited Edition

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Jacob Cohen Limited Edition

Do you think it is important that jeans are made in an environmentally friendly way? Then a pair of Jacob Cohen jeans is the right fit for you. Besides all our other Jacob Cohen jeans models we also have a line with Limited Edition jeans. A unique pair of jeans with distinctive features.


Do you want a unique pair of jeans that very few people wear worldwide? These Jacob Cohen limited edition jeans have a limited edition of 550 pieces per type of jeans! This means that only you and 449 others in the world can wear the same jeans. Who doesn’t want that?

Types of Limited Edition jeans

Jacob Cohen has several limited edition jeans in its range. These limited edition jeans are all designed in the existing jeans models. For example, there is a Jacob Cohen 620 limited edition. This has a regular fit and compared to the other models a wider foot width of 21 cm. Furthermore, we have the 688 limited edition. These jeans have a tailored fit and a normal waist height. Then we have the 622 limited edition jeans which is characterized by the low waist height with narrower trouser legs and a foot width of 17 cm. Furthermore, there is a 622 slim limited edition. Compared to the 622 limited edition, this one has a narrower foot width of 16 cm. 


Jacob Cohen's limited edition jeans are available in several types of washes. These types range from light to dark washes. Compared to Jacob Cohen's other pants, the limited edition is not available in every size due to the limited number of print runs. So it may happen that a certain size is out of stock.

What are the characteristics of a Jacob Cohen limited edition jeans?

Jacob Cohen limited edition jeans have very exclusive buttons and rivets that are often made of sterling silver. This is the best alloy silver available. Therefore, discoloration is not possible and the buttons and rivets always remain beautiful. The finishing of the Jacob Cohen limited edition is very luxurious compared to the standard lines of Jacob Cohen. All limited editions have a beautiful recognizable selvedge finish on the bottom of the trouser leg. This creates a nice detail at the bottom of the pants, so the jeans can also be worn folded over.


Unlike Jacob's other jeans, these limited editions have a woven-in floral patch on the right back pocket. This is one of the unique details of unlimited jeans. In addition, these pants are characterized by the numbered patch on the back. Each limited edition pair of Jacob Cohen jeans has its own number. So you know which number you wear of the only 550 copies. How cool is that?


All mentioned exclusive features make the limited edition pants from Jacob Cohen a little higher in price than the normal models. At Jacob Cohen we don't call jeans expensive but precious. These handmade pants are made of the highest quality denim available, and they are timeless. Limited edition jeans are just like all other pants from Jacob Cohen a good investment for a long time!


Limited edition jeans at Vousten

Vousten has various types of limited edition jeans in its assortment. This assortment is regularly updated with new limited editions jeans. Come and visit us in the Vousten store and try on the different types of models. We are happy to assist you in finding a suitable model of limited edition jeans, which perfectly fits your body type. As with all our other Jacob Cohen jeans these limited edition jeans come with a free matching scarf and extra thread in the right color. This way you always have the same color of thread if you want to have the jeans made shorter by a tailor.


Besides the limited edition we also have the same models of the regular edition. Like the 620 jeans, 622 jeans or the 688 jeans. Besides men's jeans Vousten also has Jacob Cohen women's jeans. Take a look at our website or visit us in the Vousten store!

Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34830)
€ 585,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34823)
€ 705,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34834)
€ 549,00
Jacob Cohën J620 (Eduard) Limited (34851)
€ 575,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34821)
€ 585,00
Jacob Cohën J620 (Eduard) Limited (34822)
€ 585,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (34828)
€ 549,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (34831)
€ 585,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34827)
€ 559,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (34829)
€ 559,00
Jacob Cohën J620 (Eduard) (34825)
€ 725,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34820)
€ 565,00

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