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Jacob Cohen 688 Jeans

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The Jacob Cohen 688 jeans

The Jacob Cohen 688 jeans line is a line of jeans of a high quality. The brand is known for their luxurious clothing and the Jacob Cohen jeans are their flagship where it all started. All of Jacob Cohen's clothing is still handmade in the same region of Italy where it all began, Veneto.

It all started when Tato Bardelle, founder of the brand, couldn't find the right jeans that were comfortable and would fit in a formal setting. With this in mind he went looking for the perfect jeans; luxurious and comfortable. After an amount of tests and investigation Tato stumbled upon the Japanese Kurabo denim. A type of denim made with stretch technology. By using this fabric the Jacob Cohen jeans aren't just elegant but also comfortable. Using this fabric in combination with the special washing process with Greek pumice does make the jeans very durable.

Why Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen was the name of an Italian tailor from the region Veneto. This Region is known for the famous city Venice. Unlike what most people would expect was Jacob Cohen not the name of the founder of the brand. Jacob Cohen is the name of a local tailor from the Veneto region. The real founder of the brand was like we mentioned earlier, Tato Bardelle. Tato named his brand after Jacob because he was known for his artistic and timeless designs. Besides his designs and the fact that he died on a younger age there is not much info about him available. When Tato's son, Nicola Bardelle, took over he made the brand available to the world. By taking Jacob Cohen to all of the greatest fashion boutiques. Thanks to Nicola the brand is where it is now.

When Nicola suddenly died in the year 2012, it was a great setback. Luckily for the brand Nicola’s wife was always closely involved. That’s why she took over the role of creative director.

Jacob Cohen for women

Ever since Nicola’s influences grew, the focus wasn’t only on men’s fashion anymore. The Jacob Cohen women’s line is still young but it carry’s on all the brands value’s. The mastermind behind this line is as you would think Nicola’s wife, Jennifer Tomassi.

Jacob Cohen at Vousten

Vousten is an international operating (online) clothing store who sells clothes in the upper class. Thanks to close collaborations with top class brands like Santoni or Stone Island, Vousten always has the full range of their products.

Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (34855)
€ 399,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34830)
€ 585,00
 Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (34810)
€ 400,00
€ 280,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (34835)
€ 475,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34823)
€ 705,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34834)
€ 549,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (34817)
€ 395,00
€ 276,50
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34821)
€ 585,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (34798)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34827)
€ 559,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) Limited (34820)
€ 565,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (34814)
€ 435,00

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