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Jacob Cohen Jog Jersey Jeans

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Jog Jersey Jeans

In terms of different types of jeans models, Jacob Cohen is very extensive. We have the models 620 (Eduard) jeans, 688 (Bard) jeans and 622 (Nick Slim) jeans, and more! Besides these various jeans models we also distinguish our pants with a very comfortable fabric: jog jersey jeans. Some of the pants from the various categories of Jacob Cohen are jog jersey jeans. 

What are jog jersey jeans?

Jersey is not a type of fabric but a type of knit weave. The jog jersey jeans are knitted in a right-to-left weave. Unlike the other pants, the fabric of jog jersey jeans is slightly thicker. Despite looking casual, these jeans sit like jogging pants and feel nice and soft on the skin. We also call jog jersey jeans "outside jeans inside jogging".

The advantages of jersey pants

The biggest advantage of jog jersey pants is that they feel wonderfully soft on the skin. So you'll be comfortable all day long in jog jersey pants, and that while the pant also has a casual look. The flexible fabric of these jog jersey jeans makes it possible for you to wear these pants all day long.

Range of jog jersey jeans for men

Jog jersey jeans are available in various models. This way there are fitting jersey jeans for every figure. Do you prefer a somewhat wider model? Then choose the jog jersey with the 688 (Bard) jeans model. Do you prefer a jog jersey that is fitted to your thighs and calves, but still feels soft and flexible? Then the jog jersey model 622 (Nick Slim) is what you need.

Buy jersey denim at Vousten

At Vousten we have a wide range of Jacob Cohen fashion including jog jersey jeans. Come and visit our store in Schijndel and see what we have to offer. In the store, we can advise you in finding the right model and size of jog jersey pants. Make your Jacob Cohen outfit complete by combining your jog jersey pants with a Jacob Cohen T-shirt or sweater.

Jacob Cohen J622 (Nick slim) 3588 292D (37259)
€ 439,00
Jacob Cohen J688 Bard 3588 292D (36974)
€ 439,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) 3600 307D (36287)
€ 515,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (36286)
€ 515,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (36311)
€ 420,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) (36153)
€ 410,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (Bard) (34814)
€ 435,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick) Slim (34813)
€ 435,00
Jacob Cohen J688 (33192)
€ 455,00
Jacob Cohën J688 (33950)
€ 390,00

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