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Jacob Cohen T-Shirts and Poloshirts

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Jacob Cohen polo and shirts

Jacob Cohen polo shirts are made of high quality cotton and elastane. Because the polos consist of 5% elastane, a Jacob Cohen polo is fitted around your body. Even after you have often washed the polo, the polos remain waisted and thus keep their shape. The most famous product of Jacob Cohen, and what they are known for, are of course the Jacob Cohen jeans. This makes sense, of course, but it is also a pity. Jacob Cohen has much more to offer than just pants. The polos and shirts are of the same high quality as the pants and are also made with the same expertise in Italy. Jacob Cohen releases t-shirts and polos in different colors. The polos always have the characteristic logo at chest height, with the edges of the collar and sleeves subtly having their own color. You can recognize a Jacob Cohen polo from a distance. The Jacob Cohen shirts often have the name Jacob Cohen embroidered on the chest.

The story behind Jacob Cohen

As is probably already clear, the name refers to a person. Jacob Cohen was a tailor from the Veneto region, of which Venice is the most famous place. Jacob Cohen was only 50 years old and died before Tito Bardelle founded the brand under his name. Since 1985, Jacob Cohen trousers and other clothing have been made in Italy. For a long time, the Jacob Cohen brand remained relatively under the radar for the general public. This changed when Nicola Bardelle, Tito's son, also started working on the company. According to him, there had to be a mix of clothes that could be worn on both casual and formal occasions. This turned out to be a good move because Jacob Cohen is now available all over the world.

Jacob Cohen J4038 Polo Shirt Dark Blue (32365)
€ 125,00
Jacob Cohen J4037 Polo Shirt Blue (32328)
€ 175,00
Jacob Cohen J4091 T-Shirt White (32366)
€ 150,00
Jacob Cohen T-Shirt Blue (32332)
€ 125,00
Jacob Cohen T-Shirt Gray (32333)
€ 125,00
Jacob Cohen T-Shirt White (32331)
€ 125,00

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