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Jacob Cohen Men's Jeans


Jacob Cohen men jeans

Vousten has a wide collection of Jacob Cohen men's jeans. The Jacob Cohen men's jeans are made of stretchy Japanese denim Kurabo. This fabric makes these jeans extremely comfortable. In addition, all Jacob Cohen jeans have a pleasant smell. This keeps your closet smelling great even after 3 washings. Each pair of Cohen jeans comes with an exclusive branded handkerchief. A bobbin of thread is also provided so that when shortening the jeans the same thread is used as for all other stitching.


The history of Jacob Cohen men's jeans

In 1985 the Jacob Cohen brand was founded by Tato Bardelle. The Jacob Cohen brand refers to the local tailor from Veneto. This tailor was known for his artistic and timeless designs. Tato's son, Nicola Bardelle made the Italian brand grow and released several jeans lines from Jacob Cohen. Jacob Cohen was sold in stores worldwide. Unique jeans are made of comfortable fabric that is suitable for both formal and informal settings.  


Handmade Jacob Cohen men's pants

Jacob Cohen men's pants are handmade and made of the finest fabrics. They do not lose their value even when they are worn out, so to speak. The jeans models have elegant lines and are very slim-fitting. Due to the Japanese stretch denim Kurabo, which is specially imported from Japan, each Jacob Cohen men's pants is extra comfortable. Supported by the latest technology the pants are still made by hand. 


The production and materials of Jacob Cohen men's pants

The production process is a combination of Italian craftsmanship and intelligent handiwork, supported by the use of contemporary technology. Moreover, from the very beginning, Jacob Cohën has paid great attention to the environment and the well-being of its customers. The use of natural dyes and the absence of harsh chemicals in the dyeing and fixing process make the collections stand out from the crowd. By using this fabric, Jacob Cohen men's jeans are not only elegant but also unprecedentedly comfortable. The high-quality jeans fabric in combination with a special washing process with Greek pumice ensures a long life of the Jacob men's jeans.


The different models Jacob Cohen men's jeans

After the founding of the brand in 1985, the first men's jeans line of Jacob Cohen was released. Soon the brand expanded and more men's jeans lines were added. Meanwhile, Jacob Cohen has a large number of models including the famous 620 jeans line with a regular fit. The 622 jeans with a low waist and modern stretch at the thighs. The 622 slim is just a little bit slimmer and tapers from the knee to the ankles. And finally the Jacob Cohen 688 jeans with a tailored fit. These men's jeans have enough room for the thighs and a normal waist height. 

Besides jeans, Jacob Cohen also has bobby chinos. These stretchy pants have a slim-fit fit and are perfect for a casual look. 


How do Jacob Cohen men's jeans fit?

Normally, Italian clothing falls smaller because Italian men and women are generally slimmer, but this is not the case with Jacob Cohen clothing. All Jacob Cohen men's jeans have a normal European fit. The sizes Jacob Cohen men's jeans run from size 28 to 44. Jacob Cohen jeans for women start at size 25. 


Buy Jacob Cohen men jeans at Vousten

You can shop the Jacob Cohen collection of jeans for men at Vousten online or in-store. Vousten has a wide choice of men's pants, regular as well as skinny models in various washings. Would you like to see and try on the Jacob Cohen collection for men? Come and visit us at the Vousten store in Schijndel. We are happy to discuss your wishes and help you find the right model and size of Jacob Cohen jeans. It is also possible to order Jacob Cohen jeans online in a fast and easy way. At Vousten we ship your order above €100 for free throughout Europe. In addition, we provide fast delivery within 24 hours and no later than the third day after your order


Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 Y99 (38616)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohen (688 BARD) 3621 698D (38565)
€ 410,00
Jacob Cohen J622 (nick) LIMITED 3619 737D (38598)
€ 675,00
Jacob Cohen J688 (Bard) LIMITED 3872 703D (38596)
€ 699,95
Jacob Cohen J688 Bard Limited 3872 705D (38597)
€ 730,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3621 704D (38611)
€ 390,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 D13 (38613)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 X31 (38615)
€ 315,00
Jacob Cohen (LOU) 3756 A00 (38612)
€ 315,00
€ 225,00
€ 225,00
€ 225,00

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