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Jacob Cohen 622 Jeans

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The Jacob Cohen 622 jeans

The modern design of the Jacob Cohen 622 jeans is timeles and has a slim fit.The jeans is high quality and comfortable because of the stretch in the fabric. And as all other Jacob Cohen clothes they are handmade in Adria, a city in Veneto in North-East Italy, where Tato Bardelle was inspired by the local tailor and the story of Jacob Cohen began. 

The story of Jacob Cohen 622 jeans

Jacob Cohen was founded in 1985 by Tato Bardelle. The brand is named after a local tailor. The only things known about the tailor is that he was a true artist with timeless and artistic designs who sadly died at a young age. All of Jacob Cohen's clothing is still made by hand in the historic town Adria. The town is located in the same province as the more famous city Venice, named Veneto. Even though technology is advancing Jacob Cohen still makes all products by hand to maintain the quality it's known for.

Luxurious and comfortable 622 jeans

The brand was founded around the fact that Tato couldn't find any jeans that he could wear to formal settings and yet feel comfortable. So he went looking for the perfect jeans: comfortable and luxurious. In his search he ended up with Kurabo denim from Japan. A type of fabric using denim stretch, that adapts to your body. This fabric is also used on the 622 jeans by Jacob Cohen. The perfect match betweet luxurious and comfortable.

Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (35672)
€ 725,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) (34808)
€ 400,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (34828)
€ 549,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (34831)
€ 585,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick slim) black (34796)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (34829)
€ 559,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick) Slim (34801)
€ 360,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick) Slim (36594)
€ 365,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick) Slim (34818)
€ 395,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick) Slim (34813)
€ 435,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick) Slim (36281)
€ 345,00
Jacob Cohën J622 (Nick Slim) Limited (34833)
€ 719,00

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